Herbarium Specimen Data Sharing Portal for CNH

Number of records in database: 1,663,984


The CNH portal provides access to herbarium specimen data housed in member institutions, with particular emphasis on specimens collected in the region. The database includes taxa traditionally found in herbaria, including plants, fungi, diatoms, algae, and lichens.

Use of any specimen data and related material (e.g., images, species checklists, etc.) accessed through this portal requires agreement to the terms and conditions in the CNH data usage policy.

If your institution is interested in sharing data and is willing to abide by the terms of our data sharing and data usage policies, email Patrick Sweeney for further instructions about how to make this happen.


The CNH specimen portal utilizes the Symbiota framework. The Symbiota Software Project (www.symbiota.org) is an NSF funded endeavor based at Arizona State University. We are particularly indebted to Edward Gilbert for assiting CNH in implementing this Symbiota instance.

Herbarium specimen Map data plot